Thermalright releases HR-05 North Bridge Cooler


As technologies get more advanced each day we see faster CPUs, motherboards, VGA cards, and etc. Unfortunately all of that translates into generating more heat inside our computers. Many of us forget that one of those heat sources also comes from the North Bridge chipset. Like the CPU coolers, the North Bridge coolers can also be passively cooled OR actively cooled. Now, with the heatpipe technology existing in just about every CPU cooler, we applied that same technology to our new NB cooler, the HR-05 and allowing you to make the choice to go either cooling passively or actively.

Basically, the HR-05 has the same design as our HR-01 CPU cooler with those proprietary through holes on the fins for effiecient ventilation but in a more miniature size as a whole. Like the HR-01, the HR-05 can work with or without a fan depends on your preference on noise levels. If noise is an issue to you, you can go passively. The HR-05 works quietly and efficiently enough just by the air from the CPU fan enabling it to cool just as good ,if not better as some of other brands of NB coolers with fan.

BUT!! If you rather not hold back from releasing the NB cooler to its full potential, like many of us, you can pair up the HR-05 with a 70mm fan of your choice and you'll see performance like you've never seen! Yes, that means beating even our own NB-1 cooler with fan!! (See lab results here).

And that's not our effort to expand the compatibility of the HR-05, we have made it turn-able so that you can install at the proper angle to avoid those pesky capacitors and in some cases, VGA card and/or CPU cooler. So stop neglecting your North Bridge chipset, and replace that stock NB cooler with Thermalright HR-05. You know your computer will thank you.

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