The Year of the HTPC

It's no coincidence that we've been posting a lot of HTPC related articles in the past few months. The computers that are changing living rooms everywhere just seem to keep getting better and better, with faster processors, more space, and an image overhaul that'll give your house that high-tech look. Tonight XYZ Computing explains why 2006 might be the year of the HTPC.

"If this year's Consumer Electronics Show showed me anything about computers, it was that this is going to be the year of the home theater PC (HTPC). With over 2500 exhibitors and a few million square feet of floor space, it is not that easy to identify trends, but one thing which could not be missed was the computer hardware companies' acceptance of the HTPC. While HTPC hardware was once limited to a few specialized companies, like SilverStone and Ahanix, those days are long gone, and home theater computing is now big business. Every computer hardware company, no matter their size or area of interest, brought a new some cool new products to CES, and no one forgot about the burgeoning home theater market."