The House That ‘Candy Crush’ Built: Casual Gamer King Files For IPO

King Digital Entertainment makes highly addictive games including “Candy Crush Saga”, “Pet Rescue Saga”, and “Farm Heroes Saga”, and enough of us became sufficiently engaged that the company has filed for an IPO.

The numbers are certainly impressive: Four of King’s top five titles generate 3 million, 5 million, 8 million, and 15 million daily active users, respectively. The big fish, Candy Crush, has 93 million daily active users and just over a billion daily gameplays.

King Digital Entertainment Candy Crush IPO

The company has not been without controversy, however; in addition to the fact that some of its games resemble other games in the market, King has somehow trademarked the word “Candy”--meaning that no other casual mobile game maker, including those with existing games, can use that word in their titles lest they face legal wrath.

King Digital Entertainment also wants to use the ticker “KING” on the NYSE.

Of course, the biggest hurdle King will face in the near future will be maintaining its revenues, which rely on a fungible product. It’s primary breadwinner is Candy Crush, and there’s essentially no way that the game will maintain its current level of popularity. Without that title, it doesn’t seem that the company would be able to maintain revenues.