The Emperor, A Workstation Fit For A King

How fitting and appropriate for today, Father's Day 2008.  Looking for that special gift, for a gadget-loving Dad that has everything and then some?  Dubbed "a unique combination of art and technology", this product offers a "technological and ergonomical solution that enhances comfort, productivity and gaming experience".  And you know we're all about the comfort and productivity around these parts at HH.  All we can say is it better have enough horsepower under the hood because if it's all show and no go, you know someone with a big checkbook will be shelling out far too much money for a stylized geek Lazy-Boy.

You've just got to see this one to believe it.  Behold, The Emperor...


You'll need to buy these systems in pairs though obviously.  You just can't sit in this thing and not strap in for some LAN-based mayhem and debauchery.  There are no specs listed on the site but word is they're shipping in late July.  We want three for the lab actually, all loaded up with Duke Nukem Forever.  It's time to kick a$$ and chew bubble-gum... and we're all out of gum.

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