The Drive-In Movie Theater In Your Basement

When you think of "discovery," you think of new inventions. But there's another kind; people using existing technology and hardware in new and interesting ways. HotHardware readers are constantly innovating with existing hardware -- you magnificent overclocking techies you.

What could you accomplish with about $100,000 and a trip to Best Buy and Circuit City? Well, these two computer engineers came up with a super high resolution 27 foot wide display.

Christopher Jaynes and Stephen Webb, two computer engineers in Lexington, Ky., have created a video projection system that they believe could improve everything from outdoor advertising to home entertainment. Their technology will be unveiled publicly for the first time today, kicking off the IdeaFestival, a four-day event in downtown Louisville that features inventors, innovators and creative thinkers giving lectures and demonstrations. "The World's Highest Resolution Seamless Display" is a video screen 27 feet across and 15 feet tall that will display photographs and videos in 60 million pixels. (A high-end digital camera, for example, is 5 million pixels.)

The engineers, to their credit, talk about all the wonderful things this kind of technology could offer to business and education as the price for it comes down.  But you know what you're thinking --

-Madden 2007.

-Comfy Chair.

-Call in Sick.

Read the whole thing here. Watch the embedded video too. 

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