The ATI HDTV Wonder - It Has Arrived!

Good morning folks!.  We've got a hot new item for you first thing this morning that is sure to get some attention.  Back in February 2004 we were given advanced word on a hot new HDTV tuner card from ATI, dubbed the "HDTV Wonder."  The details were sketchy, but we were given enough information to whet a lot of enthusiast's appetites.   Since then we've been receiving regular e-mails regarding the HDTV Wonder with many asking when it would be available.  The answer is soon, very soon and we now have one on hand for all to see.  ATI shipped an advanced HDTV Wonder so we could get right down to business and experience the HDTV Wonder for ourselves.  Take a look and see what we thought when turned on, tuned in and experienced that which is the HDTV Wonder from ATI.

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