The #1 Reason Not To Get Grandpa An iPod

A new study shows the dangers of buying an iPod for people with pacemakers:
"The portable music players caused pacemakers to malfunction in 50 percent of patients, according to the study by a Michigan high school senior that was expected to be presented Thursday at the Heart Rhythm Society's annual meeting, in Denver.

The biggest concern is that pacemakers store the history of a heart's rhythms, said Jay Thaker, the Okemos High School student, who worked with several doctors on the research. "If a physician was to go back and look at that (history), the physician might think that the patient was having abnormal heart rhythms," he added."
Holy unnecessary surgeries Batman!  That kind of device induced misjudgment could become the source of a lot of trouble.  There's no word yet on whether or not an official warning label might be applied to iPod packaging.
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