Temporary Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Price Cut Levels The Playing Field With PlayStation 4

Without getting into a long-winded debate about the hardware and platform differences between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the main advantage Sony's console has over Microsoft's is that it's a $100 less expensive at $399 versus $499. Of course, the Xbox One comes with a second generation Kinect motion controller, so while the price difference isn't an arbitrary one, it's a forced purchase since you can't buy the console sans Kinect. That said, a temporary price drop just took away the PS4's cost advantage, at least in part.

At present, both Best Buy and Walmart are selling the Xbox One on sale for $449, which is $50 below it's normal price. Even better, the price cut also applies to the Xbox One with Titanfall bundle. That's a $60 value, and if that's a game you planned to pick up regardless, it not only wipes out the PS4's price advantage, it undercuts it by $10. On the flip side, if you don't care about Titanfall, then the PS4 still comes out ahead in price, albeit by $50 instead of $100.

Xbox One Titanfall

In any event, this isn't a permanent price cut, nor is it being adopted by all retailers (GameStop and Amazon both have it marked at $499). The folks at Polygon reached out to Microsoft for clarification on the matter and were told that "it sets a suggested retail price, but specific pricing and offers vary by retailers."

The bottom line here is that you can save $50 off the cost of an Xbox One from a limited at Best Buy and Walmart, including the Titanfall bundle. We don't know how long the discount will last.