Tech Terms 'Selfie' And 'Hashtag' Infiltrate Updated Scrabble Dictionary

Chillax: you can now use “selfie” to score points in Scrabble. A new version of The Official SCRABBLE Player’s Dictionary adds about 5,000 new words, including many tech-related terms. Expect to see “hashtag,” “texter,” and even “geocache,” in your Scrabble games. Of course, there are plenty of non-tech new words that are getting attention. “Mojito,” anyone?

Sick of hearing the word "selfie?" Would nine scrabble points change your mind? No?

Publicizing some of the more interesting definitions is a hallmark of Merriam-Webster’s PR strategy, so it’s not surprising to see The Official SCRABBLE Player’s Dictionary getting the same treatment. And why not? We always like to see which words are bubbling to the top of the cultural soup.

If you hate the idea of seeing “vlog” or “frenemy” on the Scrabble board, take heart: tournaments won’t allow the new words until Dec. 1, and the mobile versions of Scrabble (created by EA), won’t include the words until later in the year.