Tech Talk with Gigabyte Associate VP

Tech Talk with Associate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing of GIGABYTE United

GIGABYTE United, City of Industry, CA, - GIGABYTE, the leading brand of Motherboard manufacturer, has taken Intel P35 motherboard to extreme with its Ultra Durable 2 Series motherboard, aiming at those PC enthusiasts who has been craving for an ultimate solution without sacrificing features, performance and durability to pricing point. In light of its phenomenal success of Ultra Durable 2 Series in Americans Market, GIGABYTE invited media elites to Tech Talk where Mr. Tony Liao, Associate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing of GIGABYTE United, sat down with them to talk in detail on sustainable strength that has led GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 2 Series far ahead its followers. A live demonstration to compare GA-P35-DS3P over competitor’s motherboard based on the same configurations was also setup onsite to further substantiate the leading position of Ultra Durable 2 Series.

“Every single Ultra Durable 2 Motherboard is equipped with quality components such as Low-RDS MOSFETs, Ferrite Core Chokes and Japanese All-Solid Capacitor to help reduce heat dissipation and significantly increase motherboard life expectancy. This is a breakthrough for overclockers, since overclocking generates more heats around CPU and significantly shortens the life spans of motherboard as a result.” says Tony Liao. Speaking of durability, Tony Liao also demonstrated operating temperature test on Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P vs. competitor’s Motherboard. GIGABYTE outperformed competitor by 33ºC/91ºF lower on CPU VRM and North Bridge average temperature, leaving more headroom for overclocking. The result is extremely encouraging and impressive for PC enthusiasts in that the life span of GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 2 Series motherboard is at least 9 times longer than that of its peers...

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