TCL’s 115-Inch TV Is The Largest Mini LED Quantum Dot Display Ever And You Can Win It

hero tcl 115 inch mini led tv
TCL announced its largest mini LED TV yet, a behemoth 115-inch QM8 series television (model 115QM89) that the company claims exceeds the highest performance standards. With 20,000 local dimming zones, and the company’s AIPQ Ultra processor, TCL says users should expect “otherworldly depth, detail, and dimension.” TCL's also giving an opportunity to find out for yourself by offering a chance to win one of these gargantuan displays.

As the television market gets more competitive, companies are battling it out with larger and more powerful TV sets that push the boundaries of what viewers can expect in a home theater. While some companies are focused on enhancing viewing quality through OLED screens, others, like TCL, have focused on mini LED technology. Model 115QM89 also includes all the features of other QM8 models, plus a 6.2.2 channel speaker system, making it a premium option for those seeking the best in an in-home theater experience.

“In 2023, TCL became the top brand in 98” TV, proving our power in both bigger and better,” remarked Scott Ramirez, VP, Product Marketing and Developement, Home Theater. “In 2024, TCL will raise the bar with our premium QD Mini LED, providing a never before seen level of TV picture quality. We will also enhance sound quality, cosmetic designs, and screen sizes with more 98” TVs and an all-new mega 115” screen size.”

The AIPQ processor allows users to tap into TCL’s AI optimizing algorithms, which the company says “this advanced processing will power extreme contrast, crystal clarity, vivid colors, silky-smooth motion, and lifelike HDR.” Adding to its allure is the new Game Accelerator technology, which can provide up to 240Hz VRR, perhaps making attracting gamers who only want the biggest and best for their battle station.

Mini LED technology is, simply put, a smaller version of LED technology. According to TCL, the advantage to mini LED is that with smaller LEDs, more can be placed inside a TV. TCL says that when done properly, more LEDs can deliver a more uniform and brighter picture. The company accompanies all these LEDs with its new High Brightness Ultimate LED backlighting, which can produce up to 5,000 nits of peak brightness, and QLED Ultra, for dynamic images.

tcl qm89 tv

Making things even better is the fact that TCL is giving everyone in the US a chance to win one of these monstrous TVs. There are two ways to enter the giveaway. The first is by visiting the TCL booth at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas. The second is by entering the giveaway via the TCL website. Also being given away are five TCL NXTPaper 11 tablets, and five TCL 40 X 5G smartphones. A random drawing will be done on or about January 16, 2024, to determine the winners.

TCL has only indicated that the 115-inch QM8 TV will be made available sometime in 2024. Anyone who would like to learn more about everything TCL has announced at CES 2024 can visit the company’s roundup of products announced on its website.

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