TCL Teases A Dome-Shaped 4K OLED Monitor, 57-Inch 4K Mini LED Display And More

TCL has just teased a slew of new monitors and display tech, including a dome-shaped monitor, an 8K switchable 2D-3D light field display, and a massive 57-inch ultra-wide mini LED monitor. These were showcased at a recent tech event in Wuhan, China, but this should also help the company build excitement ahead of CES in Las Vegas.

At the recent Display Tech-ecosystem Conference 2023 (DTC2023), TCL showed off some of its latest wares that point to unique monitor form factors and setups. While there was talk about OLED panels, 8K and 4K displays, and maximum nits, the biggest focus points were about 3D dome monitors for small-scale simulators, AI in TCL monitors that supposedly trump GPT-4, and for ultra-wide fans, a massive 57-inch 32:9 curved monitor.

57 twin
TCL 57-inch 8K Ultra-wide

Starting with the ultra-wide, the specs are impressive (8K, dual UHD, mini-LED, 7680 x 2160, 1,000R curvature, 240Hz refresh rate) and seems to be a direct competitor to Samsung Odyssey Neo G95NC. TCL says that the ultra-wide is up for pre-order with a December 25 ship date. The confounding part is that TCL, which is usually known for undercutting the competition in terms of price, is selling this for $3,200. The G95 currently goes for $3,300

TCL 31-inch double-curve 4K monitor

One of the biggest eye-grabbers at the release was the 31-inch dome-shaped OLED monitor. It has a 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and of course double curvatures along the X- and Y-axis. This is actually similar to what's used on flight and racing simulator rigs, but it seems like TCL wants to target home user where a 31-inch monitor (or a set of them) would literally be a better fit.

AI is the latest buzzword that every tech company wants in their portfolio. For better or for worse, TCL has plans to integrate its (self-claimed) GPT4-beating AI model, called "X-intelligence." Isn't that what we call retired FBI and CIA agents? Nonetheless, X-Intelligence will possess natural language processing and knowledge reasoning, and how it will be incorporated into TCL displays is yet to be revealed. Our guess is that AI could initially allow users to vocally adjust color settings, change TV modes, or initiate smart TV-related conversations.