Target One-Ups Microsoft With 25% Off 'Band' Fitness Wearable, Dropping Price To $150

Target is offering a 25 percent discount on the Microsoft Band, a fitness wearable that just saw a $20 discount at the Microsoft Store last week. The deal at Target is much better, as it slashes $50 off the $200 retail cost, bringing the tally to $150 instead of $180. However, it's an in-store only deal through Target's Cartwheel mobile savings app.

You can download Cartwheel from Google Play for Android devices or the Apple Store for iOS gadgets. The app offers hundreds of discounts ranging from 5 percent to 50 percent off, which you can add to your virtual cart. Then when you shop a brick-and-mortar Target location, you scan your barcode at checkout for any applicable discounts you saved.

Microsoft Band

In this instance, it's 25 percent off the Microsoft Band (offer ID 39739). This is especially useful if you're looking for a size medium Band (assuming your local Target has it in-stock), as it's currently sold out at the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Band has received generally favorable reviews. Microsoft's pitch is that its fitness band can help you "achieve your wellness goals and stay more productive with email, previews, and calendar alerts at a glance." Guided workouts, tracking reps, detailed summaries of your effort, calories burned, and more are all part of the package.

Target's 25 percent discount is another hint that Microsoft is readying a second generation Band device. Microsoft COO Kevin Turner previously confirmed there will be a Microsoft Band 2 (or whatever Microsoft ends up calling it), though he didn't offer any details about hardware and feature upgrades or give a timeline on its release.