Target Leaning Towards Blu-ray

The next-gen disc format wars have been going on for quite some time, with no clear winner as yet.  In fact, the wars have dragged on so long that there is a growing concern that neither format will win, and we’ll have to wait another few years for something worthy of a few hundred of your hard earned dollars.

With that said, it’s easy to understand that Target will only be selling Blu-ray players, but both HD DVD discs and Blu-ray discs.
“Target is getting behind Blu-ray Disc in its choices for product availability this holiday season. The massive retailer said that it will begin stocking the Sony BDP-S300 for $499 in October and display it alongside Blu-ray movies.

Target denies that it is actively picking one format as preferred over the other, and says that it will continue to offer movies in both formats.”
A clear winner in the format wars could very well end up being download services.  It’s entirely possible that in 10 years the very concept of leaving your house to buy/rent a movie will be completely outmoded.
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