Talking Intel Accelerated News And Process Tech With TechTechPotato

intel accelerated livestream hero
In this episode of Two And A Half Geeks Dr. Ian Cutress of TechTechPotato and Anandtech joins us for a lively discussion of the disclosures made during the 'Intel Accelerated' event and what it all means from chip-level transistor tech to process node naming and everything in between...

Show Notes:
02:22 - Introducing Ian And His Background
06:18 - Dell XPS 17 (9710) Review
10:15 - California's Confusing Energy Legislation
18:48 - Intel Alder Lake Rumors
22:33 - Intel Accelerate Coverage
24:35 - Thoughts On Intel's New Process Node Naming
35:38 - Discussing RibbonFET and PowerVias
53:24 - Some Thoughts on ASML And EUV
56:00 - Intel EMIB and Foveros Updates
66:42 - Alienware Gaming PC Giveaway Details