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One of the most dramatic shifts in portable gaming history has been the surge in popularity of smartphones and tablets in the past two years. In 2009, Android and iOS devices accounted for ~19 percent of game revenue. In 2010, their combined share nearly doubled, while estimates that the two platforms will account for 58 percent of gaming revenue in 2011...

This shift, combined with the rising popularity of "freemium" distribution models in which much or all of a game's content is provided free of charge, while a subset of top-tier content is available for a nominal fee, has been hailed in some quarters as a sea change that'll ultimately rock the entire gaming industry and transform the way we play.

We decided to round up a hefty batch of tablet games on the Toshiba Thrive we reviewed earlier this year and see where they led us. Are fingers the future of gaming?

Tablet Gaming Today and a Look at The Future