PS5-Optimized T-Force Cardea SSDs Launch At Up To 8TB With 7400 MB/Sec Speeds

teamgroup cardea a440 pss hero
Now that Sony has put out official guidelines for supported SSDs on the PlayStation 5, manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork with compatible products. The latest is TeamGroup's T-Force brand with a new version of its Cardea SSD.

The new Cardea A440 Pro Special Series sets itself apart with a white graphene heatsink, which TeamGroup says is a first for the industry. Sony highly recommends that users install a heatsink to keep temperatures in check for SSDs installed within the PlayStation 5's chassis.

On the performance front, the Cardea A440 Pro Special Series is more than a match for Sony's minimum recommended sequential read speeds of 5,000 MB/sec. So instead, we're looking at sequential read/write speeds of 7,400 MB/sec and 7,000, respectively. Of course, that's overkill for the PlayStation 5, but remember that these PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs can also be used in PCs that should better leverage that full potential.

teamgroup cardea a440 pss

While all of this sounds great for console gamers looking to upgrade the storage on their PlayStation 5, there are a few gotchas that must mention. For starters, the Cardea A440 Pro Special Series is only available in 4TB and 8TB capacities, which, as you might guess, are incredibly expensive. The 4TB SKU costs $899.99, over twice as expensive as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The 8TB SKU, on the other hand, is priced at $1999.99, or four times the price of the standard PlayStation 5.

There's also the matter of availability. TeamGroup says that the Cardea A440 Pro Special Series SSDs won't be available until October, which is still a couple of months away from now.

To that end, TeamGroup recommends that gamers that want to upgrade their PlayStation 5 right now opt for one of their standard Cardea A440 SSDs, which are available in 1TB and 2TB capacities. The 1TB Cardea A440 is currently priced at $165.99 after a $9 coupon at Amazon, while the larger 2TB version rings in at $359.99.