Swiftech Thermoelectric Waterblock, a Notebook Cooler, and other Random Goodness

Good evening and welcome back HotHardware fans!  I'm just getting in after a night of food and movies with a buddy, and figured I'd stop in and hook you all up with another shot of hardware goodness.  After this I've got to feed the kitty and rack out though, so I'm going to get right down to business...

 Swiftech MCW5002-64T Thermoelectric Waterblock @ Systemcooling:

"Swiftech is one of the few manufacturers that offer actively cooled waterblocks for extreme cooling. Today we are going to take an in depth look at the Swiftech MCW5002 series of thermoelectric waterblocks, which incorporate a Peltier device to actively cool a CPU well below ambient room air temperatures. The MCW5002 series includes three different mounting options for AMD Athlon XP (socket A), AMD Athlon 64/Opteron (socket 754/939) and Intel P4 (socket 478)."

 Lighted Keyboard Review @ Creativemods:

"Today there are all sorts of keyboards on the market. Some keyboards are made for casual home PC users while others are made for hardcore gamers. Everyone has their own preference to the type of keyboard they wish to use. I have even seen people with dual keyboard setups, one for everyday use and one for gaming. Today I got to review a lighted keyboard from CensusPC aimed at the gaming community."

 PCI Express Explained @ CoolTechZone:

"Bandwidth... We all want it and we all need it, but can we get enough of it? Well, PCI Express is here to satisfy our appetites for the next several years. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) was originally developed by Intel Corporation, but is now slowly coming to an end, but probably won't be entirely discarded for a couple of years. Why do we need PCI Express you might ask? Well, the PCI 2.2 bus and other revisions just don't provide us with enough bandwidth to support the evermore demanding peripheral cards. Hard drive controllers and networking cards just aren't providing enough bandwidth that some hard drives have the potential to offer."

 Antec Notebook Cooler Review @ Mikhailtek:

"Two low profile 70mm fans provide the airflow but unfortunately they suck air from the bottom of the laptop and exhaust it from the bottom of the cooler. In general, sucking air out is noticeably less effective than blowing air onto a hot surface, as we'll see shortly. Pumping a total of 31.6 CFM (ideally, not practically mind you) at 25.9dBA is definitely noticeable. While it's not that much, decibels are relative measurements and since laptops are significantly quieter than their desktop counterparts (largely in part due to the lack of fans), even 26dBA seems a bit loud."

That's all I've got for now.  Check back in the A.M. for more of the good stuff.  And for God's Sake, get in the forum and read up on our Folding Team!  Put that rig of yours to good use!  I'm not going to tell you again, mister! (Actually, I'll probably remind you all again in a couple of days!)