Swiftech MCX775-V Heatsink, Live Blogging in Longhorn, and more!

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Swiftech MCX775-V Heatsink Reviewed @ Hi-Techreviews.com

"So what Swiftech has done is take the .50" copper plate we talked about earlier an populate the entire top of the heatsink with their patented aluminum helicoid pins. These thin aluminum pins promote increased turbulence for more efficient heat dissipation compared to traditional fin extrusions."

Sunbeam PCI Wherever Rack @ A True Review

"With all the different configurations and modding in PCs today, there are literally endless possibilities. Sometimes it takes more than skills and/or ingenuity to get what you really want. That's where Sunbeam comes in with their Wherever PCI Rack. This little gem looks like it could open up your options by leaps and bounds. Let's see if at least some of your modding headaches are finally over."

Samsung SyncMaster 193P 19 Inch LCD Monitor Review @ Tweaknews.net

"The SyncMaster 193P is not meant to compete with the lower end affordable options and is more targeted towards the end user that requires a large LCD monitor with designer aesthetics, a higher contrast ratio, flexible mounting and screen orientation and color reproduction sought after in the graphics and CAD industry. This is Samsung's premier 19 inch model and they have done a great job at packing almost every feature needed by most consumers, yet still kept the slim and sleek visual appeal."

Live Blogging in Longhorn @ TechConnect

"An interesting screenshot was found on the internet today. The screenshot depicting a concept art of Windows Longhorn running with an application called "Windows LIVE" - live "blogging" under Longhorn, a new feature that might be included in future OS releases."