Swiftech H20-APEX "Extreme Duty", ForceWare 81.84 Performance

Hey folks, the last articles of the night have been rounded up for ya! Enjoy :)

Crucial Ballistix PC4000 DDR RAM Review @ PCstats.com

"Sold under the Crucial Ballistix name, this pair of 512MB PC4000 DDR modules have been well received by the enthusiast community. The 184 pin (unbuffered, non ECC) DDR DIMMs are dual channel compatible and have a default rated speed of 250 MHz, or PC4000. Default timings are very conservative at 3-4-4-8. To reach an overclocked speed of 250 MHz, the memory is rated for use with voltages as high as 2.8V."

Swiftech H20-APEX "Extreme Duty" @ Viperlair

"With the amount of kits for watercooling your PC that are out on the market today it's hard to decide what would be best for you, throw in all of the different types and sizes of cases that are available and choosing a kit could be a real nightmare. Swiftech has done all of the leg work with the Apex-H2O kit and have made a damn near universal water cooling kit that requires very little if any "handyman" work to install."

nVidia ForceWare 81.84 BETA Performance Analysis @ TweakTown

"A couple of days ago nVidia released their much talked about ForceWare Release 80 graphics card driver to the world. The new nVidia ForceWare 81.84 BETA drivers offer such things as performance optimizations when using Dual-Core processors, mixed vendor support for SLI and Black and White 2 support. We examine the drivers in our typical fashion against the last official release driver, ForceWare 78.01."

MCT-5 Fluid revisited: After the Spill @ Madshrimps

"Today we revisit MCT-5 in particular and it's effectiveness in a real world environment. Be forewarned, what your about to see isn't pretty and may have long term traumatic effects on those whom love their graphic cards. Remove the children from the room, put on your Goulashes and pour yourself a strong one"

Asetek VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise Cololing Solution Review @ motherboards.org

"In the VapoChill Micro we can notice a few distinct and interesting design changes over the traditional heat pipe sink, the first and most obvious of these changes is the size of the heat pipes."