Swiftech H20-120 Kit, Thermalright XP-90 Heatsink, and more!

Well guess what I've been doing the last couple of days? Probably the same thing as you, HL2 :) Valve has created one amazing game, and one I'm sure the mod community is going to be all over. Is it the best game of the year? Well that's a debatable issue, but it certainly is up at the top. On with the news... and then off I go to play HL2 some more ;)

Thermalright XP-90 Heatsink Review @ OCModShop

"In addition to the fins there are four heat pipes. Heat pipes are closed metallic tubes that generally contain a phase change liquid in side. Heat is applied to one end of the pipe, which in turn changes the liquid to vapor where it moves to the other end of the pipe where heat can be removed. In this design the heat pipes are enclosed into a cast aluminum base where heat from the processor will be applied and then whisked away and distributed to the top of the fin array. Here a fan will remove the heat from the fins through forced convection."

AeroCool AeroBase Flashing Gaming Pad @ ExtremeMHZ

"Hence our site's slogan, we are always in search of unique products that you typically won't find on an an average PC. The product we will be looking at today is one of those that leave you only with one question...So what's next? The AeroCool AeroBase is certainly a modders gamepad. Not only does it look cool, but features a total of 11 blue LEDs that not only flash in 15 coordinated sequences, but react to the signal from your mobile phone. Intrigued? Read on..."

Spire Cooler's Verticool Heatsink @ HardwareHounds.com

"Today we got our hands on Spire coolers newest heatsink for the socket A platform....the Verticool. This is Spire coolers first trip out into the world of heatpipes on your heatsink and l have to say that right out of the box this is one impressive looking device. It has a dual heatpipe design and, as you can probably guess from the name, is tower based. This makes for one big, scary looking heatsink."

Swiftech H20-120 Watercooling Kit Review @ Got|Apex?

"The H20-120 offers overclockers, performance hounds, or just silent work area seekers the opportunity to enjoy all of those advantages of watercooling. The higher overclocking capacity of watercooling combined with the innovative ideas implemented by Swiftech combines to produce a great kit for people who want to spend a bit more money. Installation was easy, especially with the comprehensive manual that has many illustrations and a good follow along guide."

Silvertone Temjin TJ06 Full Tower Case @ SystemCooling

"...That situation has changed recently, primarily due to the new BTX motherboard standard pioneered by Intel. The platform really hasn't taken off yet, due the lack of supporting hardware, but what it HAS done very quickly is inspired ATX case manufacturers to some new creative heights regarding case and cooling design. The case we're looking at today, The Silverstone Temjin TJ06, epitomizes many of those new concepts, and endeavors to take case cooling to a new level with some very interesting design twists on the old ATX theme."

Half-Life 2 Performance Preview: The Graphics Hardware Squeezer @ X-Bit Labs

"The game that the gaming community has been waiting about half a decade for is finally here, and now everyone can enjoy the title many call "the most anticipated game ever". But in order to experience Half-Life 2 fully, you will need the hardware the game demands. We can tell you for sure that the game does need a powerful central processing unit. But what about graphics cards? Find it out right now, with us!

Scythe Kamakiri SCKKR-1000 CPU Cooler @ XYZ Computing

"Though it appears to be based on the Hyper6 it is certain distinct advantages, like its high-flowfan, its ability to use certain stock mounting brackets, and its impressive base. What really matters is that the Kamakiri can do some serious cooling. We have concluded that the Kamakiri can compete with just about any of the newest air coolers on the market, including Thermalright's XP-90 or CoolerMaster's Hyper 48."

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