Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC Patch Is Out While Xbox And PS5 Deals Are Already Live

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Star Wars, as a franchise, has a storied history of video game releases nearly as long as its existence as films. Many of these titles have gone on to become treasured classics, but not even Star Wars can escape the trend of undercooked 2023 AAA game releases. While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is by all accounts a pretty good game, its launch has been marred by major technical issues despite the delays.

EA clearly knew this was going to be the case, as the company promised "weeks" of updates before the game even released. Indeed, the game launched in such a sorry state that reviewers are remarking that they "cannot" recommend the game as it is—despite it being quite a decent game overall. Developer Respawn even apologized on Friday for the poor quality of the release. The first PC patch already hit and resolved numerous crash and progression-stopping bugs, and that same patch is coming to consoles tomorrow.

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Source: EA on Twitter

This update focuses primarily on bugs, particularly crash fixes (including that bug where it'd crash if you skipped cutscenes) and progression stoppers. If you got stuck inside the Chamber of Duality, this patch should solve that. It'll also resolve lots of VFX issues and collision problems, including an issue where enemies would T-pose during photo mode. Cinematic dialogue should stop overlapping itself, and the dynamic cloth inside the Mantis should stop flipping out. Finally, the patch does promise improved performance on all platforms.

Meanwhile, PC players got another patch today that promises to improve performance for "non-raytraced rendering." The ray-traced graphics in the game are phenomenal, but it's absolutely not an ugly title without those physically-simulated effects in play, either. Improvements for that mode are welcome, as in our early testing, enabling ray-tracing doesn't actually have that much effect on performance because the standard mode has similar optimization issues. Of course, it helps if you update your video drivers.

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If you're keen to jump into some third-person jedi action yet balking at the $70 price tag, we may have a deal for you. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X versions of the game are available at Amazon with a $10-off coupon. That brings this release down to a familiar $59.99 price point—likely a bit more palatable for folks during this recession.