Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Final Pre-Launch Gameplay Trailer Teases Epic Combat

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is shaping up to be a serious upgrade over Jedi: Fallen Order from head to toe. EA released the final gameplay trailer for it, showing us an exciting preview of the new enemies Cal will be facing, and the new worlds he and his friends will be journeying to. The combat in particular looks epic, with Cal being able to fight side by side with NPC characters and gain access to a whole set of lightsaber fighting styles.

The most notable combat improvements made to Survivor is Cal’s new set of fighting techniques, which have obviously matured since the events of Fallen Order. The trailer shows us a couple of lightsaber fighting sequences featuring his double-bladed saber. If you’ve played Fallen Order, you won’t be surprised at the return of the double-bladed saber, but Cal wields it much differently in the trailer compared to how he uses it in Fallen Order. Cal now attacks with much more dexterity and mixes his spinning attacks with other force attacks at the same time.

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The crossguard stance is one of the brand-new stances we’re getting in Jedi: Survivor that did not make an appearance in the previous game. This stance is all about heavy attacks, at the cost of speed and agility. The trailer demonstrates this well, with another fighting sequence where Cal attacks a pair of Imperial Droideka battle droids and dismantles them quickly with just two strikes. With this stance, you have to make every swing and thrust count, especially against lighter and more agile opponents.

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We also get to see some glimpses of the game’s co-op gameplay, where Cal and Merrin are working together in a boss battle against a gargantuan robot using only the force. We also see a few other tidbits including enemy dismemberment (finally), and a speeder bike chase where Cal is driving along a desert while fighting off scout troopers at the same time.

The new trailer shows us just a glimpse of the combat Jedi: Survivor players will have access to. Content creators have already confirmed that the combat will be significantly more in-depth, and Cal will be getting five total lightsaber stances, including a blaster-lightsaber combo. Plus, there will be a lot more enemies to fight, including animals, bots, and aliens.

Jedi: Survivor will launch on April 28th.