Survey Reflects Rising Satisfaction Among Samsung Device Owners

Survey results from the latest American Customer Satisfaction (ACSI) Index reveal a growing affinity towards Samsung handsets, as if that's any surprise. Samsung scored a 76 on ACSI's survey, which is an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction that reports scores on a scale of 0 to 100, up 7 percent from last year. That represents the biggest year-over-year gain of any handset maker.

Only two other mobile handset makers had a higher satisfaction rating than Samsung. One of them was Motorola Mobility, which climbed 5.5 percent to score a 77 on the 100-point scale. Interestingly, Motorola Mobility has held a slight lead over Samsung in consumer satisfaction every year since 2008, save for 2010 when both scored a 76 on ACSI's index.

Apple Tattoo

Apple iPhone owners continue to be the most satisfied of all, though a changing of the guard could occur if the next iPhone release doesn't bring some fresh new ideas to the table. Apple scored 81 on the index, enough to outgun Motorola Mobility by 4 points and Samsung by 5 points, but it also represents a 2.4 percent decline compared to last year.

In terms of wireless carriers who offer service for all these handsets, Verizon came out on top (73), followed by Sprint (71), AT&T (70), and T-Mobile (68).