Survey: Apple, Sony Top Tech Brands For Women

We've always been somewhat skeptical of these so-called "surveys." With the proliferation of the Internet, it's pretty easy to fetch any kind of results you could ever want, but we tend to feel that these findings are at least somewhat substantiated. As part of a new 'Women & Digital Life' study, researchers found that Apple was the most popular technology brand in America amongst the ladies. Surprised? We doubt it.

The results showed that Apple took the top spot, with Sony, Microsoft, Dell and HP following closely behind. And really, we can totally see why Apple and Sony would be ranked so highly. Both outfits choose to spend heavily on design and marketing, and so it follows logic that consumers would buy into their designs and "like" them most. Only recently (with its Studio line) has Dell attempted to tap into the fashionista market, and outside of the Mini line, HP is still far, far away from overtaking the others in terms of design.

The specific question asked was this: "Which technology brand or company do you admire the most? 20% stated Apple, 14% mentioned Sony, 10% chimed in with Microsoft (and Dell), while HP was called out by only 6%. The survey has increasing relevance in today's society, as around 45 million US women purchased a digital product within the past half-year. It was also noted that Apple's dominance was strongest in the 12-24 age range, which makes perfect sense -- after all, that demographic is who Apple targets most heavily. Have a look at the full study for even more data points including a few quotes from those who participated.