Support For New VESA DisplayPort Standard

Top PC Companies Support New VESA DisplayPort Standard

ROUND ROCK, Texas & PALO ALTO, Calif., & RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 3, 2006--Dell, HP and Lenovo today jointly announced their support for the newly released DisplayPort 1.0 digital display interface standard developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). Dell, HP and Lenovo are VESA members. DisplayPort is designed for broad application in PCs, monitors, TV displays, projectors, and other sources of display content.

DisplayPort enables a common interface signaling approach for both internal and external display connections. This approach can reduce overall design complexity, making digital displays such as LCD monitors easier to use and more affordable for customers.

The new display interface standard addresses low-voltage operation, enabling integration into the latest generation of silicon process geometries for graphics, while still supporting cost-effective integration into the current generation of LCD panels.

"DisplayPort is an excellent customer solution that can provide advantages over current and other emerging interfaces. DisplayPort can enable more-affordable flat-panel displays, support protected high-definition content, and scale performance to meet the demands of next-generation displays by enabling new features and usages. With VESA administering the specification, the industry can take advantage of an open and extensible path for support, compliance, and future upgrades," said Kevin Kettler, Dell's Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Legacy compatibility with DVI 1.0 is also possible for DisplayPort products, providing a means for interoperability with legacy equipment when needed.


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