Supermicro PR, a Lian Li PC-V1000, an iPod Mini and More

Good morning folks, welcome back.  Today has started out busier than the average Tuesday. We've got a good amount of news to get posted here, so I'm not going to ramble on much longer.  Plus, I've got to layout some pages for an upcoming article I'm SURE you'll all be interested in.  God, I love higher clock speeds...

Supermicro Launches Pentium 4 EM64T Single-Processor Server Solutions

New P8SC8/i and P8SCT Motherboards Feature EM64T, PCI-Express, and DDR2 Memory for Entry-Level Servers

Supermicro Computer, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality motherboard and server solutions has released its latest single-processor serverboards, the SUPER P8SC8/i and SUPER P8SCT, based on the Intel E7221 (Copper River) chipset. Combining EM64T, PCI-Express, and DDR2 memory performance with impeccable quality in the most cost-effective package available today, these new P4 solutions are optimized for entry-level server platforms.

These boards are designed based on the latest Intel Pentium 4 processor family with Hyper Threading Technology and EM64T, which is built on the most advanced 90-nano manufacturing technology. Running at speeds up to 3.6GHz with an 800MHz front-side bus, these processors feature the LGA775 interface that provides headroom for future technologies and improves electrical characteristics of the connection to the motherboard with a pin-less CPU design.  Read More...

 BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra Overclocked @ Hexus:

"Any and every GeForce 6800 Ultra is an excellent gamers' card. BFG's effort is above average, as the company offers a pre-overclocked core at default core prices. BFG's popularity is on the rise and it's easy to see why. If BFG can beef up the entire bundle, add, say, basic VIVO, and keep a keen price, its range of 6800-series cards will be hard to beat. As it is, you can literally place the names of NVIDIA's AIBs into a hat and pick any one. Most cards keep to the reference design and most range between 400-450MHz core."

 Lian-Li PC-V1000 Aluminum Case @ Bjorn3D:

"So you like the engine, the interior, stereo, cupholders, and those awesome heated seats for the wintertime to keep your butt nice and why the heck is your car so freakin' ugly!?!??!?! You have the innards, but the outards are not too good-looking to please those old tired eyes of yours. As with cars, the same could be said with your PC. You have the latest vid card, a terabyte of storage, and the biggest and baddest processor on the block, but that case looks like an old Apple IIe that just died its last death. Don't keep killing your style with that ugly case of yours; get something with a little more flair, pizzazz, and any other redundant word you want to use to describe a sweet looking case like the Lian Li PC-V1000. All-aluminum, sleek, fast, and flashy as hell!"

 Designtechnica Reviews the Gateway M320XL Notebook:

"If gaming is not your forte, then the M320XL has a lot to offer. We think the systems design and looks are well above average. The keyboard has a nice feel to it and reliability was above average. There is plenty of power and technological features that should keep this system up-to-date for longer than the average laptop. One of the upsides to buying a Gateway system is that you will be able to stop by your local Best Buy to try it out before you purchase it, and that is what we recommend you do with the M320XL. If this system had a better scroll wheel and mouse buttons, we would give this system an 8 or a 9. Fundamentally the M320XL is a very strong offering from Gateway."

 Apple iPod Mini Review @ The Tech Zone:

"If super spy James Bond ever wanted Q (or it is R now?) to make him a MP3 player, this is the unit he would give him (with a steel cutting laser option of course). Clad in a scratch resistant aluminum chassis, the iPod Mini is the slickest portable player on the market today. Combine that with its extremely good sound quality, and you've got a Mini that everyone wants to get their hands on. Apple is selling every Mini they make and then some."

Well, that's just about going to do it for now brothers and sisters.  We'll see you back here a little later.  Be Good...