Super Talent Certifies UltraDrive SSDs For Macs

After Super Talent unveiled a 6TB SSD RAID system this morning, we're a bit baffled to see it hitting us with another item so soon. We suppose the great never rest, and thus Super Talent has decided to proclaim that its UltraDrive SSDs are all perfectly suited for use with Apple's latest line of MacBooks, MacBook Pros and Mac Pros.

The outfit's UltraDrive ME and LE have been "self-certified" (in other words, Steve Jobs didn't sign off on this) to function in the 13" MacBook, 15" and 17" MacBook Pro and the quad-core/8-core Mac Pro. During Super Talent's testing, these SSDs were found to improve boot time by nearly 60% and performance gains of over 5.3x versus the stock hard disk drive. We're even told that the UltraDrive outperformed Apple's own SSD by 2.5x, with the Super Talent-infused Mac Pro notching 420MB/sec write speeds with a trio of SSDs in RAID0.