Here’s How Super Mario Odyssey Cheaters Are Exploiting Glitches In Balloon World To Cash In

If you grabbed the free Super Mario Odyssey DLC that landed this week and have encountered what appear to be cheaters in Nintendo's Luigi's Balloon World game, you know the frustration that some folks are likely going through right now. These cheating players are using a glitch in a game that allows them to move through walls to hide the balloons, that players are tasked with finding, in areas that are out of bounds to honest players that are not exploiting the glitch.

Balloon World

If you are unfamiliar with the Balloon World mode, it's sort of like a game of hide and seek from your childhood, only the hider is placing balloons in the worlds of the game and then the seekers must go and find them. If the seeker finds balloons they win coins. If they go on a balloon finding streak they win even more coins. The hider wins coins if the seekers are unable to find the balloons they hid.

To win those coins, cheating hiders are placing balloons in those out of bounds areas, and the cheat is being used particularly in New Donk City map of the game. Players on Reddit are angry about the glitch being exploited and are calling for players who exploit it to be banned. The tweet below has a video of the glitch being exploited in live action.

Players are also calling on Nintendo to patch the glitch quickly, but some fear that Nintendo might remove all glitches, such as the ones that speedrunners use. As for how players take advantage of the glitch, it appears to require impressive timing and precision. Redditor Asmo_deus wrote, "... specifically, you ground pound, roll, and when you touch the wall you press Y and B at the same time, throwing cappy and getting you out of the roll. This should displace you by just enough to put you inside the wall, but only if you do the throw exactly when you touch the wall."