Super Mario Odyssey Balloon World Free DLC Update Lands On Nintendo Switch

Balloon World

Nintendo last month surprised and delighted Switch owners when it announced that it was bringing a bit of DLC to Super Mario Odyssey, and that the added content would not cost a dime. Super Mario Odyssey was not expected to receive any DLC, so the fact that it was both coming and would be free was welcome news to gamers. Fast forward and a month and Nintendo has delivered on its promise, with Balloon World DLC now available to download.

Balloon World focuses on Luigi, who shows up in different kingdoms to give Mario a new challenge. The only caveat is that you have to beat the main game before accessing Balloon World. Internet access is required as well, though that's not much of a caveat since you'd need Internet access to download the added content anyway.

To start Balloon World, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him. There are two modes in Balloon World: 'Hide It' mode lets you hide a balloon somewhere in that kingdom, while 'Find It' mode challenges you to find balloons hidden by other players from around the world. If you get good at hiding and finding balloons, you’ll also move up the online rankings!," Nintendo explains.
This is not groundbreaking stuff, obviously, but it's nice to get some free extras especially when it's unexpected. And in addition to Balloon World, Nintendo is serving up new outfits for Mario and new filters for Snapshot Mode, one of which is a gold coin that "will lead to a gold mine of new photo ops."

Nintendo has not announced any further DLC for Super Mario Odyssey, though the company did hint that more costumes might be in store. If that's the case, perhaps more minigames will be added as well.