Study: iPhone tops July smart-phone sales

Some assert that the iPhone is not a smartphone, and iSuppli actually agrees with them, categorizing it as a "crossover phone" - one with both smartphone and feature phone attributes.  No matter what category it's in, it's a hot seller.  In a report issued today, iSuppli said the iPhone outpaced all other smartphones in July, its first full month of sales, and matched the sales of the best-selling feature phone.
During its first full month of sales, Apple's highly anticipated smart phone grabbed 1.8 percent of the U.S. consumer mobile-handset market, according to iSuppli. The research firm's survey of more than 2 million U.S. consumers indicated sales of 220,000 iPhones in July. In its first 30 hours, before its fiscal third quarter ended on June 30, Apple sold 270,000 iPhones.

"While iSuppli has not collected historical information on this topic, it's likely that the speed of the iPhone's rise to competitive dominance in its segment is unprecedented in the history of the mobile-handset market," iSuppli noted in its report.
While the iPhone remains out of reach for many, based on its high price - and while many others will eschew the iPhone because of its lack of 3G support, as well as the AT&T monopoly on the phone, it's still managed to reach a dominant position amazingly quickly. 
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