Study Finds Mobile Phones More Detrimental To TV Ad Viewing Than DVRs

Are you a fan of television? A big, big fan of television? If so, we have to ask: when is the last time you watched a full commercial? For years now, media companies have been running around with great concern that viewers were using DVRs to simply bypass commercials, making those pricey advertisements that much less valuable. But is the DVR the real problem? That's a question addressed by a new survey cited in Ad Age, and the results may shock you.

The IPG Media Lab in Los Angeles pulled together some rather interesting data surrounding ad skipping. They found that the vast majority of viewers both online and offline used some other device to augment their viewing; that other device, more often than not, was a smartphone. Handling these phones resulted in a fairly poor attention span, enabling viewers to zone out during boring segments or advertisements.

Basically, if you had a phone in-hand, you'd entertain yourself with that most of the time whenever a commercial would air. So, are you representative of the findings? Or are you Mr. Attention when it comes to watching TV ads?