Hey Students, Here's How To Get Free Beats Flex Earbuds From Apple

Beats Flex earbuds
Here's a deal that some of you will quite literally find to be music to your ears. Straight to the point, Apple is gifting eligible students who sign up for a discounted Apple Music student subscription with a free pair or Beats Flex earphones. Technically these are wireless earbuds, as they don't plug into your iPhone or Android device. Though as you can see from the image above, there's a wire connecting the left and right earbuds.

Whether you want to call them wireless (as Apple does) or wired, the bigger point is they're free. If you qualify for the offer, that is. This deal has actually been in place since June 22 and, to the best of our knowledge, is still running. Apple says it's available for a "limited time only" but has not said exactly how limited, nor has it taken down its offer sheet.

To qualify for an Apple Music student subscription, you have to be studying a bachelor degree, post-graduate degree, or equivalent higher education course at a university or college in the US. For those who qualify, the student plan runs $5.99 per month instead of $9.99 per month for a regular subscription, and for a limited time Apple further sweetens the deal with access to its Apple TV+ service.

Apple also offers a free one-month trial. So to sum it all up, you get a free month of Apple Music, followed by discounted pricing, access to Apple TV+, and a free set of Beats Flex earphones. Not a bad haul—should you stick with the subscription for a full year, you're looking at just under $66 when factoring in the free month, which is slightly less than the MSRP for the Beats Flex (though they're on sale on Amazon, see below).

Note that you will actually have to pay to qualify for the perk.

"You will only become eligible for the free Beats Flex earphones upon making your first monthly payment for your Apple Music student subscription (i.e., you will not become eligible during your free trial). If you cancel your subscription during your free offer period, you will not be eligible for this offer," Apple states.

Check out the fine print in Apple's offer sheet (PDF) for more details.

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While not on sale, you can also try your luck with a set of Amazon Basics Earbuds (Wired) for just $9.92.