Watch An Elden Ring Streamer Beat The Brutally Difficult Game Without Taking Any Damage

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Most people think of a challenging video game exclusively in terms of manual dexterity, but in fact, a video game's difficulty level can be broadly described as coming in two forms: knowing and doing. Knowing is the part where you need to figure out (or already know) what the game wants you to do, and then doing is the part where you actually have to execute the actions it expects.

FromSoftware's games are widely regarded as some of the most difficult around, and that's true in some respects. The games are cryptic, and what they expect of the player is often specifically intended to be confusing or unintuitive. So saying, games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring are extremely difficult less because of the skill of execution required, and rather more because you just have to know or learn what to do.

As exhibit A in support of the above statement, we present Seki's (@SekiroShadow on Twitter) no-hit/no-damage run of Elden Ring. There's no tricks, no gimmicks, no cheats—at least, as far as anyone can tell. The player started a new character and ran to the end of the game, defeating the last boss in just under 3 hours.

Now, that's not to say that Seki isn't skilled. In fact, he is unquestionably one of the best Elden Ring players in the world. Still, his accomplishment should make it clear to everyone that a huge portion of the difficulty of these games comes down to familiarity, and you don't necessarily need expert stick twiddling just to finish them.

For his part, Seki is well-trained on FromSoftware's games; as his Twitter handle would imply, he is an expert Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice player, and in fact holds at least two world-record speedruns in that game. Hats off to him for completing the world's first no-hit run of Elden Ring, but we're sure his rivals are hungry to beat his time even as we type these words.