Steam Winter Sale 2020 Kicks Off WIth Big Game Discounts Of Up To 75%

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While Epic Games is giving away 15 free games, Steam is having their annual Steam Winter Sale, where you can get a load of games at a decent discount. Should you get some extra Christmas (or Hanukkah) cash and you want to spend it, we have compiled some of the great gaming deals you can grab now through January 5th at 10 am PT.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Perhaps you feel nostalgic this holiday season or just want to follow the Halo storyline from start to finish. In either case, 343 Industries put together Halo: The Master Chief Collection late last year for gamers to enjoy. It includes six Halo games featuring a campaign with 67 missions across the series and online multiplayer fun. You can pick it up now for just $23.99 (40% off), which is quite a deal for all the fun you’ll have.

Grand Theft Auto V

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Though GTA:V is over five years old at this point, it still stands up as a fun game. You can enjoy the main storyline or complete heists with your friends around the Los Santos and Blain County area. If you have not played GTA yet, it is all the shooting, driving, flying, and more you never knew you wanted in a game. You can grab it for $14.99 (50% off) and become a criminal of the ages.

DOOM: Eternal

708 doom eternal
Maybe storylines and long-form games are not your style. If you want to sit down and just shoot things, DOOM: Eternal has you covered. Id Software and Bethesda’s game lets you play as the Doom Slayer, while “Hell’s armies have invaded Earth.” Your goal throughout the campaign is to “conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.” For just $19.79 (60% off), you get some quick and action-packed fun that you should not miss.


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After playing DOOM: Eternal, you may need a game to unwind with, and diving to the ocean floor is pretty calming. Subnautica is both an incredible and beautiful underwater survival game where you need to build and craft to survive on the alien planet. It has won several awards and looks just downright fun. You can dive in right now at $14.99 (40% off) and follow the stellar underwater adventure.

Arma 3

arma 3 708
Though Arma III is another older game, it still stands up, especially when you play it with friends. Bohemia Interactive says you can “Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox.” Since it is a sandbox, you can either play through the campaign or player-created content, which can be an absolute blast. Moreover, there are many mods and maps that can be downloaded through the Steam Workshop, which enhances the experience further. You can go to war for just $7.49 (75% off) and enjoy all the scenarios you can dream up.
Ultimately, the Steam Winter Sale is always something to be looking forward to, and it is finally here with thousands of deals. That one game you were holding out on may be on sale and worth picking up now. If you are not a gamer, buying gifts during the pandemic can be hard, especially for gamer friends. However, you can send a game or gift card through Steam so others can snag an excellent game deal. However it works out, the Steam Winter Sale is here, and it is time to game.