Steam Weekend VR Sale Brings Adr1ft And Other Top Titles At Up To 50 Percent Off

Steam VR Weekend Sale

So you went out and purchased yourself a fancy virtual reality headset, now you just need to load up on content, is that it?. As luck would have it, Valve is hosting a VR Weekend Sale on Steam, its digital distribution platform for games, and you can save big money on a plethora of titles, up to 80 percent off on over 175 VR games.

If you have a chunk of change to spend, you might want to take advantage of a limited time VR bundle that's marked down 32 percent from $368.89 to $251.42. It consists of 20 VR games, including Space Pirate Trainer, Vanishing Realms, Holopoint, Pool Nation VR, Final Approach, HoloBall, Battle Dome, Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, Hover Junkers, Audioshield, BLARP!, House of hte Dying Sun, The Brookhaven Experiment, The Solus Project, SoundStage, Universe Sandbox2, Fantastic Contraption, Gunjack, Inbound, and theBlu—whew!

Space disaster game ADR1FT is available to PC players for a discount on Steam

There's quite a mix of titles on sale. Some other examples include ADR1FT ($9.99, down 50 percent from $19.99), Catlateral Damage ($4.99, down 50 percent from $9.99), Armed Against the Undead ($14.99, down 25 percent from $19.99), Boogeyman ($3.19, down 60 percent from $7.99), Cyberpong VR ($8.99, down 40 percent from $11.99), and The Grand Canyon Experience ($3.49, down 30 percent from $4.99).

Steam often holds mega-sales on games, though this is the first time it's focused exclusively on the VR crowd. The VR category is relatively new with the recent release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the two headsets that garner the most attention in the VR gaming space. Steam's VR Weekend Sale doesn't have nearly as many games marked down as its non-VR sales, but it's a good way to beef up your catalog and start enjoying VR while you wait for developers to release some killer VR games (and eventually they will).

The VR sale runs until Monday, August 1, at 10AM Pacific.