Steam Tells Us Which Hardware Has Game

Every once in a while Steampowered survey results turn up some interesting numbers about the gaming PCs that are used by today's modern gamers.  So what's hot with gamers today?

According to the survey: 2+ GB of RAM (More than 40%), Vista (almost 15%...not bad considering the extra resources it claims), and strangely enough single core CPUs which account for almost 60% of the current CPU powering today's gaming rigs.

Strangely enough rigs with 4 CPU cores (Either quad-core or dual socket) aren't used in many machines (less than 4%), and CPU speeds we'd term low-to-mid seem to be the most common.  Since this is a gaming community we were honestly predicting that mid-to-high end CPUs would be the order of the day.

Last but not least is the news that NVIDIA based graphics cards hold a significant edge over arch rival AMD/ATI's cards.  The top 7 slots belong to NVIDIA with only the Radeon x1950 making it into the top 10 at number 8.

How does your gaming rig stack up against these figures?
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