Steam Deck Update Adds A Handy Component Lookup View But It's Not For Everyone

steam deck client beta update hero
In a beta client update for Steam Deck owners, Valve has introduced a device component lookup view. This will be welcomed by techies and tinkerers, as well as those looking to source a replacement component for repairs or servicing. That isn't all; there are a number of quality of life and bug fixes in this beta, some of which sound highly appealing. Beta software isn't for everyone, but usually with a bit of patience you will find important improvements and fixes come to a mainstream verified updates in due course.

PC users are spoiled for choice with system info and monitoring tools. With the PC and Steam Deck closely related in many ways, it is natural for the fan-base and user-base to be interested in checking on their hardware configuration. Valve has made this task very easy with the latest Steam Deck Client beta update. Fire up your Steam Deck with this latest beta client and you will be able to head to: Settings > System > Model/Serial Numbers button (under the Hardware header). This will reveal the model and manufacturer of major components in your Steam Deck.

Valve says it has implemented this lookup facility in the interests of transparency and to make it easy for users to repair or replace components via iFixit—which may require a choice between certain component specs. Interestingly, Valve says that this info isn't a live view of the components in your Steam Deck—rather, it is a snapshot of what the device was kitted out with when it left the factory. In other words, "any updates / swaps / repairs that happened after the customer receives their Steam Deck will not be reflected in this view." In this way, it is not a good tool for those seeking to verify the spec of a Steam Deck they are buying in the used market.

steam deck components view

Earlier, we mentioned various quality of life and bug fixes in this beta client. Our highlights from quite a lengthy list are; the auto spelling correction when searching for games in the store or library, the ability to skip the system startup movie (and get playing quicker), and a fix for low audio levels which didn't tally with the volume settings. There are a number of tweaks to Steam Input which owners might be interested in, too.

For the full story about this beta update click the link above. If you like what you see, and don't worry about rocking beta software on your Steam Deck, you can opt in via the Settings > System > Steam Update Channel on your device.