Steam Cloud to Save Your Games Server-Side

Ever lose your saved games? Frustrating, right? On Thursday Valve Software announced a solution, the Steam Cloud.  It will be an an upcoming update to their Steam download service and it will not only store saved games, but also graphics settings, and key binding in the "cloud," or server-side.

The biggest news is that game-generated data will now be stored with your Steam accounts in Valve servers. This includes game profiles, configuration settings, and even savegames! Valve will first be rolling this feature out to existing games like the Half-Life franchise, TF2, Counter-Strike. Left4Dead will be the first new game to remotely save your progress.

This system will be completely transparent to the user. The files cache locally, and will upload when Steam detects an internet connection. There will be no restrictions on users – no save quotas or file management – the system will “just work.”

Any Steamwork game will be able to support these features, and it’ll be FREE for customers and developers. Steam Cloud is set to launch in the “near future.”

Valve did not disclose a timeframe for these changes, but the sooner, the better, we say.
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