StarForce Creates Bogus Site to Spread Information?

An interesting thread over at the StarForce forums has been developing for the past few days. It all started when a link was provided by a StarForce employee, taking users to OnlineSecurity ON's website where they explain the "truth" about StarForce Drivers. As some found out however, the site has close ties to StarForce itself.

"To conclude, we must say that StarForce does not use rootkits, StarForce does not cause security issues and StarForce is not the only software developer that installs ring 0 drivers. We appreciate all the feedback from our clients and users and that is why StarForce drivers will be automatically uninstalled in the latest version of our copy protection system FrontLine 4.0. The official release with many other significant improvements will follow within days."

Some have brought up the idea that StarForce has created this site for the purpose of promoting StarForce in a good light. However the site is almost two years old, and contains news posts dating back to 2004 so it's certainly not a new creation.

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