Star Wars Outlaws Tipped By Disney For Late 2024 But Ubisoft Says Not So Fast

hero star wars outlaw game
Disney seemed to narrow the launch window of the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws video game to “late 2024,” but fans quickly were told that this was not the update they were looking for. The confusion came from a Disney Parks Blog post titled 24 Oooh-Worthy Things at Disney Experiences in 2024.

Star Wars Outlaws is an upcoming Ubisoft title that takes place between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It will be the first-ever open world Star Wars game that will allow players to explore distinct planets across the galaxy as the “emerging scoundrel” Kay Vess. Fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting an update that would narrow the time frame down a bit more than sometime in 2024, and thought they had it when Disney first made the blog post. However, like a Jedi waving their hand to perform a Jedi mind trick, Ubisoft quickly erased the narrowed down timeline from everyone's memory (or at least from the Disney blog post).

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The blog post originally read, “Star Wars Outlaws, the open world Star Wars game, is set to release late this year,” seeming to give a more definite timeline to the game's release date. However, the blog post was quickly edited once the error had been picked up on by Ubisoft and changed to read, “Star Wars Outlaws, the open-world Star Wars game is set to release in 2024.”

In an email to Kotaku, an Ubisoft spokesperson remarked that the timing was incorrect and had been amended. On one hand, the change removed a more definite release window for the game. On the other hand, it opened up the possibility for it to be released sooner than late 2024, and kept it within this year. Or so we hope—the alternative is that the release has slipped into 2025.

Once Star Wars Outlaws does launch, players can look forward to finding new adventures within the iconic Star Wars world. They will be able to race across “sprawling outdoor landscapes” on a speeder, fight enemies with a blaster and other gadgets, as well as pilot their very own ship, The Trailblazer. And if all that were not enough, they will have a faithful companion in Nix, who is more than just a pet to Kay.