Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Trailer Magnificently Captures Three Eras Of Galactic Warfare

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If you are a fan of the Star Wars universe, then Electronic Arts has an upcoming game that is sure to get your motor running. Star Wars Battlefront II was announced earlier this year, but it’s the newest multiplayer gameplay trailer that has fans salivating in anticipation of the game's fall release.

As we’ve previously reported, the game covers a four-decade span of time that touches on major sequences in the Star Wars movie universe starting with The Phantom Menace and ending with The Force Awakens. This is a big expansion from the Star Wars Battlefront, which focuses primarily on the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes IV through VI).

Over the course of two minutes, the new multiplayer trailer takes us from Naboo with an army of Battle Droids and Clone Troopers, and even gives us a look at Darth Maul with his badass double light saber. Yoda and Boba Fett even make an appearance, and there is short teaser of battle between Rey and Kylo Ren. And what Star Wars game would be complete without some epic space battles with X-Wing Fighters, and of course, the Millennium Falcon.

Online multiplayer will include character classes and a points-based progression system. There's also another aspect of the game will come as a big relief to fans: online DLC will be free to download.

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We should also mention that developer Criterion Games has even listened to fan complaints about the lack of a single-player campaign structure in Star Wars Battlefront. So, Star Wars Battlefront II allows you to take on a true single-player mode following the travails of Iden, a member of the elite Inferno Squadron, who becomes disillusioned after witnessing the [second] Death Star being blown to bits above Endor (events that took place at the end of Return of the Jedi).

This campaign not only gives Star Wars fans a sometimes much-needed break from the rigors of online multiplayer, but also helps to fill in some of missing pieces in the saga that occur before the events of The Force Awakens.

Although we can’t be sure without hands-on time with the actual game, it looks as though EA and Criterion have not only fixed the numerous miscues of Star Wars Battle Front II’s predecessor, but has also given just enough extra to make this a must-have buy for Star Wars fans — and multiplayer fiends in general. Star Wars Battlefront II goes on sale November 17th.