Stacking HD-DVD Layers Like Flapjacks, But Forgetting To Bring A Laser Diode Fork

Toshiba announced at the CES that they've made a triple-stacked HD-DVD read-only disc that can hold more ones and zeros than a standard Blu-Ray disc --51 gigabytes. That's a lot of 1080p hi-def goodness:

The new disc shares the same disc structure as standard DVD and previously announced HD DVD formats: two 0.6-mm thick discs bonded back-to-back. According to Toshiba, the added cost to produce discs with the third layer is minimal, thanks to the use of the same physical disc structure as DVD. Toshiba aims to secure approval of the new disc by the DVD Forum within this year.

Ritek said not so fast. We can stack up to ten, and do it in both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats. That's up to 250 Gigabytes on one disk. Whoa. There's a problem, of course. Nothing can read them yet. You can read about it not reading it here.

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