Spyware and Hijacker Removal, Aerocool Spiral Galaxies case, and more!

Hey folks, I'm a bit tired tonight so please forgive the lack of conversation as I get straight to the news. If your just checking in for the first time today, take a look at Dave's post below to see our hot new threads(100% Pre-shrunk cotton). Goodnight folks :)

Aerocool Spiral Galaxies WTX Case @ Controlled-Insanity

"I spent a few moments marveling at the design. While at a quick glance it might not be completely obvious the differences between this case and every other full tower case out there, if you spend a moment and focus on the case you can see many subtleties that make the visual appeal of this case A+."

Spyware and Hijacker Removal @ ExtremeMHz

"Advanced users have become so knowledgeable on the Windows registry, that they simply find ways to take advantage of it. Why is it that when you touch on the subject of Spyware, Macs or any other operating system just doesn't come up? Well, the Windows registry is so well-known, that a majority of users or companies with malicious intentions find ways to simply make a profit..."

Gigabyte N411 14-inch Centrino Notebook @ hardwarezone

"Gigabyte's N411 is the latest multimedia notebook to catch the widescreen fever. Splashed in creamy white, the slim package packs a speedy 1.6GHz (Dothan) Intel Pentium M processor, a 14-inch glare type WXGA display and a pair of pretty loud tweeters. All signs point to a pretty decent mobile office and cinema station."

HIS X700 Pro iTurbo VIVO Edition @ Bytesector

"The X700 Pro IceQ is packed with a mammoth heatsink, ramsinks, UV reactive casing, dual display support, HDTV output, HIS games pack, and 460 / 960 (Core / Memory) clock timings. Is this card really as great as it sounds? Let's find out!"

Memorex TravelDrive USB Flash Drive @ A True Review

"Memorex advertises their flash drive as being fast, but is it truly faster than other USB 2.0 flash drives. Thanks to Geeks, formerly Computer Geeks, we will find out."

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