Spotify Music Service Finds Partner in Motorola

The Spotify music streaming service announced yesterday that they will be partnering up with Motorola Mobility for their debut on smart devices in the U.S.  This announcement comes back-to-back with their official and much-anticipated U.S. launch yesterday.

The service, which claims over 10 million users and 1.6 million paying subscribers in Europe, is looking to find similar success in the U.S. with the help of the telecom giant.

"As an exclusive launch partner of Spotify, we are able to provide our consumers not only with innovative products, but also premium access to an unparalleled music experience," said Bill Ogle, Motorola's chief marketing officer, in a statement released yesterday.

The service will launch with an invite-only beta stage prior to its public release. Motorola customers will get opportunities for early access through participation in ad campaigns on social media websites and retail outlets, according to a company representative. The service will not be available for all customers.

The Motorola representative said that they will be working closely with Spotify in order to ensure an optimal fit for the service in their line of smartphones and tablets, but did not mention specific details.

Spotify offers a free, ad-supported service for those who want to listen to music on their computers, similar to rival company Pandora. Users looking to ditch the ads can sign up for the company's $4.99 per month unlimited plan, which boasts unlimited access to the service's extensive library with no ads or time limits. If that isn't enough, users may step their service up to a $9.99 per month premium plan, which includes the above privileges as well as "enhanced sound quality" and allows users to listen on mobile devices and without a web connection.