Spotify Comes To Windows Phone Users For Free

As of today, the Spotify app for Windows Phone offers free music streaming. Android and iOS users have been enjoying free music from the streaming service for months, but Windows Phone users have been impatiently waiting – first for a Spotify app, and then for a Spotify app that included the service’s popular free music feature.

The wait's over for free Spotify streaming on Windows Phone.

Spotify is a “freemium” service, meaning that that it has free component and offers extra features for a premium. The free music streaming is a popular features and the reviews on the Windows Phone store are a testament to how disappointed Windows Phone users were to download the app and discover that only the premium features were available.

Now, you can listen to your playlists for free or pick an artist and choose the shuffle feature to listen to all of the songs from that artist. Sure, you don’t have control over song order with shuffle, but for many people, that’s not a problem. You can also listen to other people’s playlists if you’re feeling adventurous.

You'd think it's hard to say no to free, legal music. But for Windows Phone users, it's been hard to say yes.

Microsoft’s Window Phone store started at disadvantage when it came to the breadth of its app catalog, but the store has been adding apps rapidly. Bringing Spotify on board with the same free streaming that it has on other mobile platforms fills what was really a pretty big hole in its catalog.