Spire Cooler, Mousegrips, Samsung 192MP LCD and More

Good afternoon friends, how are you doing?   Sorry about the delay in news today, I had to jet to my parents house yesterday to help resolve some computer issues.  Nevertheless, I home safe a sound and have a pile of news for you to absorb...

Spire Cooler SkiveStream 3 @ HardwareHounds.com

"As processors get faster, they produce more heat. This means that it doesn't take long before the stock cooler that came with your cpu just doesn't do the job as well as you might like. One of the first upgrades to a stock system is the swapping of the stock cpu cooler to a cooler that will move more air, thus keeping the cpu cooler. Quite often, in the world of coolers, size matters. Coolers are getting bigger and louder. But that's the sacrifice you make to keep you system cool right? Not necessarily. Today we're going to take a look at Spire coolers Skivestream III."

Mousegrips @ Monster Hardware

"As you can see in the pictures I chose two types of typical mice that most of you will be using - the Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse and the Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse. Also, out of interest, I took my Microsoft Sidewinder controller and applied the Mouse Grips to it to see what type of benefits the Grips will give. How easy is the installation? Very easy."

Samsung SyncMaster 192MP LCD Review @ Overclockers Club

"Though perhaps not a hardcore gamer's LCD, the SyncMaster 192MP was built for someone else in mind - the casual gamer, the constant computer user, and, I even suppose, the cramped student, or apartment dweller. Personally, my new room next year is going to be incredibly small - and though I have a Cable outler, I will not have room for a TV. Solution: Samsung SyncMaster 192MP. A TV screen for cable and DVDs, and a computer monitor all in one. I love it. I'm even watching Comedy Central while I write this article! If you're looking for something robust, versatile, (multi)funtional and just incredible well put together, then SyncMaster 192MP is a good choice for you."

Cooler Master Musketeer II @ Systemcooling

"When Cooler Master introduced the Musketeer, it was a considerable departure from traditional bay devices, both in form as well as function. Its automotive style gauges replaced the usual LCD panel, and the functions it offered were somewhat different as well. Now Cooler Master has introduced the Musketeer II, which departs even further from the expected where function is concerned, and adds some features that make the M2 even more attractive to modders."

Vantec Cable Sleeving Kit Review @ Tweaknews.net

"Any self-respecting modder will sleeve his wires. It's really that simple. The problem is, it can be one hell of a pain in the ass to do. So when cable sleeving kits come out, a lot of people flock to them in the hopes of saving themselves some grief. Frankly, they are useful not just for power supply units, but also for any other wires you need to run in your box; fans, front panel case wires (power/reset/activity LEDs), etc. The benefits are not just aesthetic, however. Sleeving your cables also allows air to flow better in your case."

Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra GT Edition review @ hardCOREware.net

"Last week, we saw an established PC company release their first batch of motherboards. Today, we have one of the biggest motherboard manufacturers releasing their first batch of CPU coolers! The Ultra GT Edition is the top line product - a full copper multi-platform CPU with a side mounted blower fan and 4 heatpipes - yum!"

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