Speak To Your PC: "OK Google" Command Comes To Desktop Chrome Browser

Better late than never, right? Despite demonstrating the ability to simply speak searches to the Chrome browser at the I/O 2013 conference, Google has just now perfected it to the point where it feels comfortable with a release. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Google has announced a plug-in that will enable Chrome browser users on laptops and desktops to simply start speaking to their PC, and have Chrome respond. Moto X users are already familiar with how this works, but it'll be a new learning experience for practically everyone else.

You can simply speak "Ok Google," followed by a question or a command to set a reminder, and the Chrome browser will follow. To access hands-free search on your laptop, just download the Google Voice Search Hotword extension from the Chrome Web Store: http://goo.gl/PdVTZM (available in English in the U.S.).

Have fun with it (but not too much fun).