Spacetop Levels Up Innovative AR Laptop That Has No Physical Display

hero spacetop g1
Sightful unveiled its Spacetop G1 laptop, which the company touts as being the first device that combines the "work from anywhere" world with a 100-inch virtual workspace. The latest announcement moves the Spacetop G1 out of an invite-only Early Access program, and makes the laptop available for preorder, with shipping beginning later this year.

The Spacetop augmented reality (AR) laptop first broke cover last year after nearly three years of development. The team which developed the Spacetop consisted of Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap veterans. After spending about a year in early access, the company is now ready to make it available to the masses. Sightful bills the AR laptop’s biggest benefit as offering “a nearly infinite workspace to expand productivity and creativity anywhere.”

Some additional benefits the company notes are that the device is designed for portability (it is a laptop of sorts, after all), it's stylish and comfortable to use, expanded performance, comes with auto-dimming AR glasses, and that it's built for spatial AI experiences.

“We introduced Spacetop to free people from the constraints of time and space, as we don’t believe people should be stuck in 14” screens,” remarked Tamir Berliner, CEO and Co-Founder of Sightful. “We firmly believe in the power of AR glasses as the first step. Physical reality has always been the limiting factor - bulky, uncomfortable headsets, limited battery and processing power, and a world that is not yet built for daily AR. This is why we collaborating with the world leading companies to deliver the most delightful product, and what we see as the world’s best laptop”

While most other companies in the AR/VR space are focused on entertainment and gaming, Sightful boasts it is focused on unlocking productivity benefits with a product people want to use. Its spatial OS is said to also be designed for productivity, and is built for the modern web.

spacetop g1 open

Specs on the Spacetop G1 have improved since it was first announced, starting with a modified version of the Xreal Air 2 Pro AR goggles. Other improved specs include 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a 128GB SSD. It's powered by a Qualcomm QCS8550 chip, which includes 48TOPS of compute power.

The Spacetop G1 is part of a broader network of companies that have added either hardware or manufacturing to the laptop, such as Qualcomm, Wistron, and XREAL. Anyone interested in preordering the device will need to reserve one for $100 on the Sightful website. For a limited time, the Spacetop G1 will be $200 off for $1,700. Shipping is expected to begin in October 2024.