Sony's Leaked PlayStation 5 Design Looks Fantastic In These New Renders

Sony PlayStation 5 Render
Remember those sketches of an unnamed "electronic device" that turned out to be a PlayStation 5 devkit? Well, if you thought the design looked wild, wait until you see some nifty renders based on those black and white drawings. It is still a funky (and futuristic) design, but to our eyeballs, these renders look absolutely stunning.

If this is all new to you, here's a quick recap: Sony has already revealed a few details about its upcoming PS5 console, including the fact it will run on a custom SoC from AMD pairing Zen 2 CPU cores with Navi graphics supporting ray tracing. It will also feature fast solid state drive (SSD) storage to hopefully drastically cut down on load times.

Earlier this week, a recent patent application came to light, and it contained sketches of what many presumed to be a PS5 design. Shortly after, a veteran game developer currently working at Codemasters confirmed on Twitter that the sketches are of an actual PS5 devkit, saying he and his team have several of them in their offices.

Sony PlayStation 5 Render Back

Now the folks at LetsGoDigital, the site that broke the news on the patent application, have turned those sketches into beautiful renders. The render at the top of this article shows the site taking some liberty with the devkit's LED lighting. There is a string of LED-lit touch-sensitive buttons serving as media controls, which sit directly above the optical disc drive, and the power button is lit up too.

Looked at from the rear (at an angle), another render depicts how the side ventilation could look, also with a blue glow emanating from the console.

Sony PlayStation 5 Render

One of the renders (above) also shows the PS5 devkit sitting vertically, next to another one that is laid out horizontally for comparison. The design of the sides make a vertical orientation seem unlikely, at least in terms of practical use, though bear in mind these renders may differ quite a bit from the actual devkit that is in the hands of game developers.

Sony might also change the overall design for the final release, as often happens in between the devkit stage and final production. So, who really knows how the PS5 will end up looking. We'll get our answer, eventually, though probably not until late next year.